Обо мне
Oleg Chumakov, visual artist
He was born in 1976, in the now defunct city of Derzhavinsk, on the territory of the now defunct USSR.
Currently lives and works in Moscow (Russia)
From 1993 to 1998, he studied philosophy at the Southern Russian University. While studying at the University, Chumakov unexpectedly became interested in photography, after which he plunged into the creative atmosphere of his native city, in the south of Russia (Rostov-on-Don), where he met a large number of artists, architects, photographers, musicians.
After graduating from the university, he received a master's degree in Philosophy and for several years was engaged in self-education in the field of photography, as well as took private lessons from artists. It was a difficult time, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, and there were no institutions teaching photography in his hometown, but it was the lack of classical art education, according to the photographer, that was and remains his most important advantage.
According to the photographer's recollection, it was an amazing state when the passion for photography was combined with a complete lack of money, and to buy a roll of film, it was necessary to save on public transport. But it was a wonderful time of youth, psychedelia and rock ' n ' roll, when financial difficulties were more than compensated by immersion in a creative atmosphere and communication with musicians and artists. For a short time, Chumakov tried himself as a guitarist in an alternative music group and a producer of a musical collective. At the same time, a novice photographer, made a week-long solo trip to the Caucasus mountains, where, according to him, he was able to feel the "multilayered world", and finally decided to devote himself to the study of the invisible interconnections of the surrounding world.
In the early 2000s, he moved to Moscow (Russia), where he actively worked as a commercial photographer, mainly shooting advertising.
In 2012, he directed several of his own conceptual series on family problems, communications in modern society, and gender inequality.
In 2016, the photographer began studying contemporary art by enrolling in the "Free Workshops", the School of Contemporary Art, of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art., after which he received the degree of "Contemporary Artist"
In 2017, he studied the course "Philosophy of Art" at the Garage Center for Contemporary Art, where he performed his own performance "Modernist Project"
After graduating from the School of Contemporary Art, he actively joined the artistic life, participated in exhibitions , made several own projects in the field of contemporary art and video art,
Projects "Inspection", "Remembrance of Life"
"Covering up”,
Currently, Chumakov mixes the visual languages of Jeff Wohl and David Lynch in his works, works on several projects in which he rethinks the aesthetics of the "stopped frame", relying on the work of Edward Hopper, Jeff Wohl, David Hockney
The artist actively sells his works on the international market, works on new series "Surreal landscape in a big city", and the series "Psychological still Life"
­­­ Awards:
2013 IPA Russian Photo Contest/ Bronze/ Advertising
2014 IPA Russian Photo Contest/ Gold/ Book
2015 IPA Russian Photo Contest/ Gold/ Conceptual
2016  AZ Museum, Moscow, Russia
2017  "Where no one dreams: from sacred geography to desolation”
Moscow, Russia, Moscow Museum of Modern Art
2017  "Black and white here "Project" Life of memory "Gallery"ZDES na Taganke" Moscow, Russia
2019  "Dysmorphophobia” Moscow, Russia, Moscow Museum of Modern Art