Photo project. 

New surreal fairy tales about lost meanings and love not found.

2021. Russia. Moscow


In this series I work with the legacy of Russian fairy tales, moving it into the context of modernity. Fairy tales, by themselves, are vessels (source code) filled with meanings, metaphors and archetypes: goldfish, sleigh, forest, etc.
Fairy tales and epics, for me, are a truly inexhaustible source for visual interpretation.
In this series, the key character is "Goldfish”, the main character from the poem "The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish" - poems by Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin
The short plot of the fairy tale is a Goldfish that fulfills any desire, but in the end it leaves a person with a broken trough, literally with nothing, a beggar and homeless.
This metaphor, about the pursuit of never-fulfilled desires, I transfer to the visual concept of the series.

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