Photo project. 


2021. Russia. Moscow


The forest is full of mysticism, fears and secrets. The fog in the evening hour fills our souls with primitive memories – we forget about all the false benefits of civilization, and we want to dissolve into this mystery and thoughtful silence.
This series was filmed 50 km from Moscow in the magnificent ancient Tomilinsky forest. This is a huge space, a real pine forest, where century-old trees fill the heart with freedom and dreams.
This is one of those shootings that happen spontaneously, and this suddenness usually gives the best shots. It also happened with this series. I looked out the window from my own house, and realized that a fog of such force had descended on the city that literally a few meters away, visibility was approaching zero. All I had to do was grab the camera, get in the car, and go to the forest, where, within a couple of hours remaining before sunset, this exciting series of photos was taken. I am glad to share with you the result of the shooting, and I hope that my photos will become a decoration of your home.

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